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“I’m absolutely frothing on the idea you have created & share your passion for the love of surfboards…” – Joe, Sunshine Coast, Australia
“Your surfboard reviews are insane! Keep it up man. You are doing a great job.” – Max, South Africa
“Congrats for the site, it's great to see independent reviews like yours! Great stuff!” – Lucas, Spain
“Sorry for the repetition of thanks and kudos Benny, but had to chime in once again: another stint on the Basque coast, another chance to fall in love with the Weirdo Ripper you advised for me. It’s just awesome. You hit this one right on the screws, and I spare a thought of thanks to you after each sesh!” – Bruce, San Francisco / French Basque Coast

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Channel Islands Sperm Whale Review Image | CompareSurfboards.com

Channel Islands Sperm Whale Review

    Like a cult movie, Dane Reynolds & Al Merrick's strange creation has grown a loyal - even fanatical - following of surfers who love the way the Channel … [Read More...]

Eye Symmetry Rapture Surfboard Review Image | CompareSurfboards.com

Eye Symmetry Rapture Review

    The aptly named Rapture by Eye Symmetry brings a feeling of intense pleasure and joy to the surfer who attacks small waves with this wicked little high … [Read More...]

Channel Islands Motorboat Surfboard Review Image | CompareSurfboards.com

Channel Islands Motorboat Review

    One of the original shorter, wider, fatter hybrid shortboards, the Channel Islands Motorboat by Rob Machado loves to glide across flat sections at your … [Read More...]

JS Occy Surfboard Review Image | CompareSurfboards.com

JS Occy Surfboard Review

  Packing extra volume over other high performance-esque shortboards of the time, the JS Occy helped to take my surfing to another level. An oldie but a goodie, the JS Occy … [Read More...]

DMS Slapper Surfboard Review Image | CompareSurfboards.com

DMS Slapper Review

    A wicked little small to medium size wave all rounder, I dig the shape of the DMS Slapper. Like a shrunken down step-up board, the tight pin tail holds in a … [Read More...]

Haydenshapes Ando Surfboard Review Image | CompareSurfboards.com

Haydenshapes Ando Surfboard Review

    A smooth, forgiving all rounder shortboard that gets down to business when you need it to! Craig Anderson's signature model, the Haydenshapes Ando handles … [Read More...]


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Chilli Fader - Bottom | CompareSurfboards.com

New Model Alert! Chilli Fader

  A sexy little 5-fin, round tail number for big turns, steep drops and for weaving through barrels, this well … read more

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto vs. Channel Islands Average Joe | CompareSurfboards.com

Comparing Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto & Channel Islands Average Joe

  Dave asked: "Dave asked: Was looking at the Hypto Krypto and the Avg Joe. Summer beach break with small … read more

Get Waves! Allan Byrne Channel Bottom Session | CompareSurfboards.com

Get Waves! Allan Byrne Gun Session

    It was big. It was fast. It was hollow. It was time to pull out a surfboard for serious waves. … read more