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Chilli Cherry Peppa Surfboard Review Image |

Chilli Cherry Peppa Surfboard Review

    Fast and loose, this skatey little number by James Cheal of Chilli Surfboards rocks those small to medium wave days where there is little push in the swell. … [Read More...]

TCSS Front Zip Wetsuit Jacket Review Image |

TCSS Front Zip Wetsuit Jacket Review

    It's warm, it's cool looking and it's great when you need to cool down a little bit on a hot day in the surf or to drain water out of your wetsuit top after a … [Read More...]

Channel Islands Fred Stubble Surfboard Review Image |

Channel Islands Fred Stubble Surfboard Review

    The Channel Islands Fred Stubble by Al Merrick promises to be a condensed version of the Fred Rubble - a board that was loved by the masses.  I love my Fred … [Read More...]

Psillakis Surfboards MP Diamond Surfboard Review Image |

Psillakis MP Diamond Surfboard Review

    Super short, wide and flat, this is the board for young punters or anyone looking to squeeze more fun out of smaller waves.  This is the Psillakis Surfboards … [Read More...]

SUPERBrand Fling Surfboard Review Image |

SUPERBrand Fling Surfboard Review

    Start with an old school fish design, update it for the new school. The SUPERBrand Fling is a cool, modernised version of the old school twin keel fish … [Read More...]

Lost V3 Rocket Surfboard Review |

Lost V3 Rocket Surfboard Review

    Matt Biolos, head shaper of ...Lost Surfboards, could be credited with starting the movement towards shorter, fatter, wider surfboard designs when the … [Read More...]


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Tom Carroll Eye Symmetry Quiver |

Eye For Detail: Introducing Eye Symmetry Surfboards

    They say wisdom comes with age and experience but some appear to be wise beyond their … read more

Kelly Slater’s Skill: Nature or Nurture?

  Love him or hate him, Kelly Slater is arguably the best surfer of all time. He is technically strong, … read more

Get Excited - We're Going Surfing! |

Get Excited! We’re Going Surfing!

  Do you remember a time when you would run - no sprint - down to the beach, board in hand, simply because you … read more