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Latest Reviews

Haydenshapes Love Buzz-Hayden Cox, My Quiver Pt.2 | Compare Surfboards

Haydenshapes Love Buzz-Hayden Cox, My Quiver Pt.2

   In the first part of the series, Hayden Cox of Haydenshapes Surfboards talked us through his performance board of choice, the Haydenshapes Ando. In part two, … [Read More...]

Channel Islands Pod Review (Round Tail) | Compare Surfboards

Channel Islands Pod Review (Round Tail)

   It's a Pod...with a round tail. The uber versatile Channel Islands Pod is an oldie but a goodie. Loved by the masses, it rides fun and fast.  The wider … [Read More...]

Hayden Cox, My Quiver Pt.1-Haydenshapes Ando | Compare Surfboards

Haydenshapes Ando-Hayden Cox, My Quiver, Pt.1

   Hayden Cox, founder & owner of Haydenshapes Surfboards, has a fresh, unique approach to his surfboard designs and his business. Carefully balancing art … [Read More...]

Simon Anderson DTS Review | Compare Surfboards

Simon Anderson DTS Review

   Dynamite little point break board by the 3-Fin thruster man! The Simon Anderson DTS is a squashed down performance hybrid / performance fish with performance … [Read More...]

PB Custom Surfboards Nomad | Compare Surfboards

PB Custom Surfboards Nomad Bonzer Review

   Need a little inspiration in your surfing? The PB Custom Surfboards Nomad Bonzer is smooth, fast and capable is a wide variety of conditions. At home in a barrel … [Read More...]

Bing Surfboards Bulb Review | Compare Surfboards

Bing Surfboards Bulb Review

   A smooth, balanced ride, the Bing Surfboards Bulb is a hybrid small wave shortboard design that handles bigger, more critical conditions with ease. Point it where … [Read More...]

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Why You Should Go On A Surf Trip To Sri Lanka (pictorial)

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Learner's (Beginner's) Surfboard Review | CompareSurfboards.com

Best Surfboards for Beginners

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Paolo Bianchinotti-My Favourite Board-PB Custom Surfboards Nomad | Compare Surfboards

Paolo Bianchinotti, My Favourite Board-PB Custom Surfboards Nomad

   A man with an enormous depth of shaping knowledge, Paolo Bianchinotti of PB Custom Surfboards, … read more