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“I’m absolutely frothing on the idea you have created & share your passion for the love of surfboards…” – Joe, Sunshine Coast, Australia
“Your surfboard reviews are insane! Keep it up man. You are doing a great job.” – Max, South Africa
“Congrats for the site, it's great to see independent reviews like yours! Great stuff!” – Lucas, Spain
“Sorry for the repetition of thanks and kudos Benny, but had to chime in once again: another stint on the Basque coast, another chance to fall in love with the Weirdo Ripper you advised for me. It’s just awesome. You hit this one right on the screws, and I spare a thought of thanks to you after each sesh!” – Bruce, San Francisco / French Basque Coast

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Stacey Surfboards Flathead Review

   The bare essentials, the Stacey Surfboards Flathead has a straightforward design that is not only reliable and responsive but also exciting in the … [Read More...]

Haydenshapes Shred Sled Review - CompareSurfboards

Haydenshapes Shred Sled Review

   A fuller bodied high performance shape for bigger, better waves, the Haydenshapes Shred Sled feels fast and flows under foot whether you're surfing a punchy … [Read More...]

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Rip Curl Wetsuits F Bomb Review

   Like being hugged by a thousand tiny, furry kittens? That’s what you’ll experience with the Rip Curl Wetsuits F Bomb. Relative to the heat its name brings, … [Read More...]

Gary McNeill Rasta Torus Twin Surfboard Review - CompareSurfboards5

Gary McNeill Surfboards Rasta Torus Twin Review

   Experience the magic of a twin fin. Gary McNeill Surfboards Rasta Torus Twin offers the fast, free flowing ride synonymous with a twin fin fish design while … [Read More...]

Carapace EXO1 Custom Wetsuit | Compare Surfboards

Carapace Custom Wetsuits EXO1 Review

   An embodiment of innovation, follow Carapace Custom Wetsuits step-by-step process and they will provide you with a top quality wetsuit built for your body. … [Read More...]

Eye Symmetry Surfboards Cali Quad Review - CompareSurfboards2

Eye Symmetry Cali Quad Review with Tom Carroll

   A unique modern performance fish design board, the Eye Symmetry Cali Quad is blazing fast and sharp on turns. Tom Carroll is having a blast riding this board … [Read More...]

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