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Latest Reviews

Lost Puddle Jumper Review | Compare Surfboards

Lost Puddle Jumper Review

   Could this be the perfect balance between performance and wave catching ability in tiny surf? Very sensitive and nimble under foot, welcome to the brand new Lost … [Read More...]

Lost Sub Buggy Review | Compare Surfboards

Lost Sub Buggy Review

   What happens when you cross the good wave prowess of Taj Burrow's Lost Beach Buggy with the mush eating capabilities of the Lost Sub Driver and toss in a brand … [Read More...]

Lost Beach Buggy | Compare Surfboards

Lost Beach Buggy Review

   Precision… Control… Speed… This high performance shortboard, Lost Beach Buggy, is geared for good waves, good conditions, good barrels! Although a more … [Read More...]

Tomo Surfboards Vader Review (Firewire Surfboards Tech) | Compare Surfboards

Tomo Surfboards Vader Review (Firewire Surfboards LFT Construction)

   Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson's latest and greatest Modern Planing Hull design, the Tomo Surfboards Vader (leveraging Firewire Surfboards LFT construction technology) … [Read More...]

Matt Calvani, My Favourite Board-Bing Surfboards Dharma 2.0 | Compare Surfboards

Matt Calvani, My Favourite Board-Bing Surfboards Dharma 2.0

   Even for a seasoned shaping veteran like Matt Calvani of Bing Surfboards, the path to creating a new design is not always a straight one. Matt shares his … [Read More...]

Neal Purchase Jr Surfboards Quartet | Compare Surfboards

Neal Purchase Jr Surfboards Quartet Review

   A beautifully designed craft, Neal Purchase Jr Surfboards Quartet is a special all rounder with style. I have sought after a Neal Purchase Jr Quartet for some … [Read More...]

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If You Had 30+ Years of Shaping Experience, What Would Your Dream Surfboard Quiver Look Like?

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All Rounder Round Up: 6 Best Surfboards for 80% of Your Sessions | Compare Surfboards

All Rounder Round Up: The 6 Best Surfboards for 80% of Your Sessions

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Benefits of Stringerless Surfboard Designs | Compare Surfboards

The Tremendous Benefits of Stringerless Surfboard Design

 by Dane Hantz of Vulcan Surfboards  Unidirectional, tband, parallel, parabolic.   Redwood, … read more